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Author: Wort Luxembourg

Category: Press

Publication: 13 March 2017

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AAA rating for Luxembourg confirmed by Moody's


(sth) – Credit rating agency Moody's on Friday reaffirmed Luxembourg's Triple-A rating with a stable outlook.

This emerges from a governmental press release from late Friday evening.

Luxembourg therefore continues to be placed among the few countries to enjoy the highest rating of the three biggest credit rating services S&P, Fitch and Moody's, as well as that of Canadian credit rating service DBRS.

In its analysis, Moody's underlines that Luxembourg's economy is growing stronger than the average of the euro zone and most of the other countries rated AAA. 

Full article - http://www.wort.lu/en/business/public-finances-aaa-rating-for-luxembourg-confirmed-by-moody-s-58ba94dba5e74263e13ab75f