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Author: Luxemburger Wort

Category: Press

Publication: 12 July 2017

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Luxembourg trams start running next week in test phase

2017 Tram Test

The official opening of the first section of Luxembourg City's tram between the Luxexpo in Kirchberg and the Red Bridge is scheduled for December 10 this year, but the first tram testing phase starts next Wednesday.

The trams from the company Luxtram will be tested along Avenue J.F. Kennedy in Kirchberg. It is not yet known how long the test phase will last.

The announcement was made by the secretary general of the liberal DP party, Marc Ruppert, on Wednesday via Twitter.

Read the full article : https://www.wort.lu/en/luxembourg/next-wednesday-luxembourg-trams-start-running-next-week-in-test-phase-595e13dfa5e74263e13c39fc