Published 26 July 2023

Introducing our remarkable BOS Team

Samanta V3

Introducing the remarkable individuals behind the scenes at BOS – get ready to meet our extraordinary team members. Samanta Villar has been working in the Team, in her words, for “a fortunate one year and two months” Samanta’s main role is in reception, but she also aims to improve the wellbeing of BOS clients and her colleagues. When asked why Samanta joined BOS and what she loves most about her job she said, “I wanted to take on new challenges and finally find a place where I feel right at home. I like working with my team! They are funny and reliable!” Outside of her job Samanta loves to play soccer and she participates in many social events so If you want to know where to go in Luxembourg, let her know! Watch out for the next feature in this series. 


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