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Publication: 17 February 2016

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Luxembourg's newest district in a nutshell

Wort Cloche

Within three years, a new district will emerge in the south of Luxembourg City, combining residential, business spaces, the country's biggest shopping centre and a French school. 

The Cloche d'Or development is expected to house 3,000 residents and will welcome up to 20,000 workers per day, not including the shoppers visiting the new centre.

The district spanning 80 hectares will eventually be accessible by tram, when the second phase of the tramway is constructed connecting the district to the train station.

In the interim, there will be cycle paths which will be separate from the roads, as well as a P+R car park offering 1,950 spaces next to the station. 

Another car park at the shopping centre will accommodate up to 2,850 cars, adding to the 880 places offered by the current P+R carpark. 

Boulevards Raiffeissen and Kockelscheuer will be the main roads in this district. Each will be 48 metres wide to accommodate the cycle paths, pavements and tramlines. 

Two motorway access roads are planned: one from the Gluck roundabout and the second from the existing motorway slip road, which will be remodelled. 

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