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Publication: 22 July 2016

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Increased free parking at Luxembourg airport

Wort airport

If you've wanted to stop for a quick shop at the lux-Airport but were deterred because of the parking charges, you're in luck: a massive overhaul of the parking system now allows customers 30 minutes of free parking with a purchase at one of the shops. 

This means that whether you're grabbing a quick drink at Starbucks or purchasing something from Oberweis, Lux Brewery, the Comptoir du Bon Pays or the Aelia shop, you can now ask for a voucher so you get the half hour free. 

What's more, if you're having dinner or lunch at Oberweis or make a purchase over 50 euros at the duty free shop, you can ask for a voucher for two hours free parking. 

The parking vouchers can then be used at the ticket machines where the free amount of time is credited--and that goes for any of the parking lots. 

Increased free parking is only one aspect of the parking overhaul, the works for which started in April and required a 3.5 million euro investment by the airport. 

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