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Publication: 21 July 2016

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Kirchberg - Luxembourg City's first tram tracks laid

Wort Tram

We’ve heard a lot of talk about Luxembourg’s new tram being built and we’ve even seen several locations of the City cordoned off while tram roadworks begin, but we’ve not seen any actual track evidence, that is until this week!

The first rails have just been laid on Avenue J.F. Kennedy in Kirchberg, with the first trams being delivered next March, giving workers a target for completion in the area. From the second half of 2017 we should see the first trams actually moving.

The first track evidence can already be seen beginning to appear between the Coque sports complex and the University buildings.

Meanwhile, opposite the Serra Roundabout at the end of the avenue, work on the new "Centre de Remisage" is in full swing. This is where a total of three buildings will based for all things tram: The headquarters of the operating company Luxtram, a tram depot and a maintenance facility.

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